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As electronic products continue to evolve technologically and the push for miniaturization continues, space constraints for electronics continue to be a concern for design engineers. Marktech has long specialized in chip on board (COB) solutions where multiple LED die can be placed into a small amount of space offering many advantages to standard packaging. In addition to using COB technology for illumination purposes, emission and detection functions of a sensor application can be greatly enhanced. With the ability to pack more light emission or light detection chips into an area, performance of the circuit can greatly increase.

Our Multi-Wavelength Emitters come in a variety of packages including TO-18, PLCC, TO-5 and surface mount. These devices hold anywhere from 2 to 7 die and are available in our selected standard chips (UV through SWIR Short Wave Infrared and can also be combined with detector chips ) and can be modified to the customer's specification which includes power and wavelength sorting.

As the push for miniaturization continues, space constraints continue to be a challenge for design engineers. Marktech specializes in chip-on-board (COB) solutions where multiple LED chips are placed into a single small package. Sensors' emission and detection circuits can be greatly enhanced by this compact COB configuration.

The Marktech hermetically sealed metal can multichip LED series offers high-output, low-profile emitters that contain multiple, evenly spaced chips, ideal for applications requiring same emission sources in a small, densely packaged area.

These devices can be custom-designed for specific wavelengths and outputs. Learn more about Marktech's customization services

Typical industries served: General illumination and indication, medical, security, banking

Common applications: Currency validation, bioflorescence, indicator lights, medical instrumentation

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Part Number Photo Misc5 Buy Now Specs
MTMD6788594SMT6 SMD 6 Pins with Flat Lens - 670nm - 770nm - 810nm - 850nm - 950nm Digikey
MTMD6891T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 670nm - 850nm - 950nm - 1300nm Digikey
MTMD6894T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 670nm (2 chips) - 810nm (2 chips) - 950nm (2 chips) Digikey
MTMD7885NN24 TO-18 with Domed Lens - 770nm - 810nm - 850nm Digikey
MTMD7885T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 770nm (2 chips) - 810nm (2 chips) - 850nm (2 chips) Digikey
MTMS1300NN24 TO-18 with Domed Lens - 1300nm (3 chips) Digikey
MTMS7700SMT4 PLCC-4 with Flat Lens - 770nm (3 chips) Digikey
MTMS7700T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 770nm (6 chips) Digikey
MTMS8800T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 880nm (6 chips) Digikey
MTMS9400T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 950nm (6 chips) Digikey