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UV LEDs are becoming more prevalent in the industry replacing old technology such as mercury lamps. As a result, the need for UV detection is also increasing. Marktech UV detectors are offered in a variety of TO metal-can type packages from TO-18 to TO-39 with special UV glass lens to insure optimum lifetime and the least amount of material degradation.

Our UV detectors offer sensitivity ranges from 150nm - 570nm typical using materials including GaP, GaN and SiC. These die can be packaged individually in a variety of hermetically sealed packages or multiple die can be integrated in a custom package to suit your specific application. Marktech UV detectors offer superior stability over time and high device sensitivity with low dark current.

Marktech also offers on a custom basis, silicon based UV detectors which are designed for operation in the UV-A range. These devices are available in plastic and surface mount packages in addition to the standard TO metal-can type.

Typical industries served: Medical, Industrial, Scientific and Analytical , Environmental/Ecological and Commercial

Common applications: Biomedical / chemical analysis, UV emitter output monitoring, Outdoor UV sensors, Gas/flame detection, spectrometers and wearable devices.

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Part Number Photo Active Area Peak Wavelength Spectral Range Package Buy Now Specs
MTD2800UV 0.1 mm2 265 210-355 TO-52 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin) Price Quote
MTPD1500D-2.5 4.8 mm2 440 150-550 TO-39 Metal can Flat Lens (2 pin) Digikey
MTPD3650D-1.4 1.2 mm2 365 245-400 TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin) Digikey
MTPD4400D-1.4 1.2 mm2 440 190-570 TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin) Digikey